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Writer's Resources
Artist's Resources
  • Elfwood Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art -- A great place to get your art and stories published!
  • Fanwork.org -- A good place for fanart from Gargoyles, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Digimon, etc. and good place to submit work (if you speak German).
  • Yerf! -- A place for Furries/Anthropomorphics fans to visit, but I wouldn't recommend submitting to them if you're just starting out. Elfwood's better.
  • Dark Universes -- A site of Fanfiction and pictures. Looks pretty cool. Check it out!
  • MDH Designs -- Fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and fan art by Michelle D. Hoefener... Also has a web ring...
  • Fellanora's Art Gallery -- A wonderful site by Fellanora of original artwork and fan art.
  • Kanthara's Loft -- A curious site done by a Gargoyles fan artist, which I have yet to check out in further detail.
  • Dreamie's Hideaway -- Very beautiful gargoyles fan art as well as other fan art. She even takes requests.
  • The Gargoyles Fan Website -- One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear.It was the age of gargoyles. ...Now, here in Manhattan... we live again!
  • Gargoyles-fans.de -- A German fansite, which I must warn you can be incredibly slow, with screenshots from all the episodes (go to the downloads section).
  • My Godzilla -- If you're a fan of Godzilla: the series (1998) then this is the site for you!
  • Stargate Comics -- This is a hilarious site, especially for Stargate: SG-1 fans!
  • The Viper Complex -- The day after tomorrow, a time when criminals ruled the streets. The only weapon that can stop them needs a driver...
  • Special Unit 1 -- Another Tripod address with Special Unit 2 episode guide, character descriptions, message board, news, downloads, and image gallery.
  • VHD Vault of Knowledge -- A good source for Vampire Hunter D FAQs.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Animation -- Great info on Yu-Gi-Oh! Check it out!
  • NightWalker -- The main site to yet another anime I've gotten hooked on. -sigh-
  • NightWalker: Midnight Detective -- I like the fanfic on this site. :)
  • Midnight Detective NightWalker -- Has a translation to one of the songs... as well as other features.
  • Velvet Curtain (NightWalker) -- Not quite as good as the other three NightWalker sites, imho, but does have some good images. :)
  • Tetsuwan Birdy -- Another anime I'm hooked on, Birdy the Mighty. This is just the first sight I've found on it.
  • Blue Monday -- My favorite (and actually the only reasonable fic I've seen) Birdy the Mighty fic by Edmondia Dantes.
  • Project Neko -- One person's reviews on various animes.
  • Anime Lyrics (.com) -- An excellent source for the lyrics for your favorite animes (including translations)!
  • Peter's Evil Overlord List -- The list that inspired my title.
  • Excite -- I find this site gives you a fairly reliable e-mail account, as well as other things.
  • UPN -- A television network site featuring (or featured) info on such shows as Seven Days, Special Unit 2, Star Trek: Voyager, etc.
  • Upcomingmovies.com -- Find out what's going on in the movie business. What's out on tape. What's in the making...
  • Find Dinosaur Pictures -- Locate illustrations and paintings of some of your favorite dinosaurs!
  • Firebird Arts & Music -- This is where I tend to get my music. A great place for Fantasy and Sci-Fi lovers.
  • B Moviez Science Faction -- Some site I haven't fully checked out, but someone suggested it, so I'm adding it to this page.
  • Bride of Chaotica -- My favorite Star Trek: Voyager episode (also a great depiction of a real evil overlady. Mwah-ha-ha!).
  • MobiusFactor -- A random site...
  • Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels -- Lucasart's coming out with a sequel to one of the coolest games, Full Throttle! (Now, if they'd just make a movie...)


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